Use FREE PEMF to Grow Your Healh Care Business

Successful marketing tactics promote your practice and benefit your patients

Use Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy in your business to increase traffic and provide high value treatments which cost you pennies

How it works…

Invite people into your office for a free PEMF therapy session by sending postcards to a targeted postal mail marketing list.

Using one or more PEMF machines in a waiting room or pre-treatment module can introduce potential clients and patients to your business for low risk and nominal cost. Additionally, as treatments become valued by your patients, the treatments become an income resource.

The PEMF Machines are your robots. Plug them into the wall and they work to make your clients more healthy and relaxed. Using PEMF Devices this way reduces marketing costs while effectively adding services without adding staff.

Free PEMF Marketing Plans take potential clients by the hand and deliver them to your door!

Marketing makes the difference between a good business and a successful business

It is easy to assume that we will get customers if we just have a good product and a good price. These are crucial factors and they cannot be omitted. Importantly, you need to make your business stand out and you need to do this where you will be noticed.

We can provide quotes and launch campaigns across all media. Most agencies will recommend a multi-channel marketing campaign (if they are capable). However, we recommend starting simple with a tried and true method…

The US Postal Service!

The ability of mail messages to stick in our brains cannot be overstated. An intensive study by the Fox School of Business at Temple University points out that touching the mail affects us greatly.  We get positive impressions just by handling the mail as we read it.This reinforces statistics claiming excellent results for snail mail surpassing all other forms of outbound marketing.

USPS Direct Mail study found:
  • 42% of 25–34 year old’s said they read mail immediately and find it useful.
  • 79% of consumers find reading mail more convenient than going online.
  • 58% of households with incomes over $65K purchased from Direct Mail

Also, during a campaign to bolster their package shipping services, they discovered mail outperformed all other marketing channels combined! The message seems increasingly clear. Whichever method you use for your next marketing campaign, remember to send a postcard!

Prices below for your shopping convenience. Note: these include contact lists of pre-qualified local residents to send your message to.

  • 500 Postcards
  • Design and Printing
  • Postage and Delivery
  • All for one price


  • 1000 Postcards
  • Design and Printing
  • Postage and Delivery
  • All for one price


  • 2500 Postcards
  • Design and Printing
  • Postage and Delivery
  • All for one price


  • 5000 Postcards
  • Design and Printing
  • Postage and Delivery
  • All for one price


Prices include: Printing, postage and effective marketing artwork designed to bring people to your door.

You will get results because Free-PEMF is a one-stop-shop that gets people coming your way fast. Our in-house staff and associates can produce or analyze and consult on existing promotional materials. Collectively, we apply off-the-shelf and innovative solutions to get your future customers to take action now. Order soon and have new clients in your office this week.

Remember: The Number 1 Beneficiary of PEMF is YOU!

Everyone in healthcare knows that you have to take care of yourself to take care of others. Similarly, businesses offer their products to employees for free or discounted to provide perks and create loyalty. The double-punch for healthcare businesses is offering healthcare in the form of PEMF treatments!

For MD’s, Surgeons and sports medicine, PEMF produces energy fields known to enhance recovery from injuries and wounds and repair cellular processes that promote healing. For Physical Therapists, PEMF promotes better range of motion during recovery and makes analgesics more effective . Additionally, PEMF simulates the piezoelectric effect of exercise on bones and has been used by US doctors on hard to heal fractures for over 40 years!

PEMF devices have been FDA approved for:

  • 1979 Non-Union Fractures
  • 1998 Urinary Incontinence and Muscle Stimulation
  • 2004 Cervical Fusion Patients at High Risk of Non-Fusion
  • 2006 Depression and Anxiety
  • 2011 Brain Cancer

IMPORTANT: There is a mountain of journal and peer-reviewed articles supporting the fact that PEMF provides positive results with no harmful side effects. Please contact us with your requirements and we will find medical studies that match your needs and usage.

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