Use FREE PEMF to Grow Your Business

Successful marketing tactics promote you and benefit your clients

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy provides a risk-free method for pre-treatment and treating chronic conditions

Free PEMF is a way for you to bring potential clients into your office. Marketers have used free offers for centuries. Conversely, there is not much you can offer for free in some businesses. Coffee cups and pens are  OK but free healthcare is the SWAG of the future. That is why we developed our Free PEMF Marketing Plan.

How it works…

Using one or more PEMF machines in a waiting room or pre-treatment module can introduce potential clients and visitors to your business for low risk and nominal cost. Anywhere, wait times or appointments take longer than 15 minutes allows you to offer this amazing technology to your guests. Importantly, there is no training required by you or your staff. PEMF is very easy to use and the results sell themselves!

A typical guest session may include brochures or videos with details about your business or PEMF. The device’s well being and relaxation properties make wait times work for you instead of against you.

Free PEMF benefits include increased traffic, new clients, greater earnings for your business and a healthier you!

Increase New Client Acquisition

Invite people into your office for a Free PEMF Session. The treatment involves lying on a mat or lounger and relaxing. The visitor feels better and gets a free sample of your service.

Hands-Off Treatment Requires No Supervision

PEMF Devices are safe and easy to use. Most devices have relatively low intensities and need no supervision. Patients can activate the treatments themselves.

Save 100% of the Cost on Taxes

You can apply 100% of the cost of PEMF devices to your IRS form 4562 (Depreciation and Amortization ). Basically, schedule 179 Guidelines encourage businesses to grow by purchasing new equipment.

Remember: The Number 1 Beneficiary of PEMF is YOU!

Everyone knows that you have to take care of yourself to take care of others. Similarly, businesses offer their products to employees for free or discounted to provide perks and create loyalty. By offering PEMF treatments, you help employees and associates stay healthy by keeping their immune systems tuned-up for front-line duty.

PEMF Devices are Safe to Use – Prescribed by Doctors Since 1979 and FDA Approved for Many Uses

For MD’s, Surgeons and sports medicine, PEMF produces energy fields known to enhance recovery from injuries and wounds and repair cellular processes that promote healing. For Physical Therapists, PEMF promotes better range of motion during recovery and makes analgesics more effective. Additionally, PEMF simulates the piezoelectric effect of exercise on bones and has been used by US doctors on hard to heal fractures for over 40 years! For everyone: PEMF machines are most commonly used at home for general wellness or chronic conditions because they are safe and easy to use.

PEMF devices have been FDA approved for:

  • 1979 Non-Union Fractures
  • 1998 Urinary Incontinence and Muscle Stimulation
  • 2004 Cervical Fusion Patients at High Risk of Non-Fusion
  • 2006 Depression and Anxiety
  • 2011 Brain Cancer

IMPORTANT: PEMF appears to work by stimulating cells to work better and harder. Science is not exactly clear on how PEMF works. All we know is: It Works!

MOST IMPORTANT: There is a mountain of journal and peer-reviewed articles supporting the fact that PEMF provides positive results with no harmful side effects. Please visit the references page or contact us with your requirements and we will find medical studies that match your needs and usage.

How Does This Thing Work? and How Much Does it Cost??

We’re glad you asked!

PEMF Machines are a wire coil or network of coils driven by a programmable waveform generator. The waveform generator is similar to a musical amplifier that plays “music” to the coils. Special programs can adjust intensities, frequencies and wave shapes which are matched to different treatments.

Seems simple…right?

The underlying factor is the research and testing that goes into any medical device. FDA approvals require expensive medical studies. Additionally, modern machines employ digital circuits and touch screen displays to run their carefully designed treatment parameters.

The devices can cost from $600 to over $20k. Some inexpensive devices use very complex algorithms developed for NASA. Other very expensive machines use a simple more robust technology to treat athletes and race horses.

There is a wide variance of devices and uses. Importantly, some machines can treat multiple users which doubles their value. Duty cycles and office scheduling also come to mind. By considering your needs, we can find suitable machines for your business. Please shop our PEMF machines here use our request for quote form to learn more.

Marketing with Free PEMF

Marketing makes the difference between a good business and a successful business

It is easy to assume that we will get customers if we just have a good product and a good price. These are crucial factors and they cannot be omitted. However, you need something to make your business stand out. Importantly, you need to do this where you will be noticed.

We use FREE marketing offers because they stand out. People will pick something that is free over something that costs a penny by a huge margin. We have found PEMF to be a great free offer because it is free of risk and it frees health care workers to do more. It can also free your tax dollars to do more work for you.

Reaching out and letting people know about this is our specialty. We love PEMF and we enjoy spreading the word and driving health care to a new level. We can activate campaigns across digital and print media that will bring new clients right to your door. Reaching people through email, phones and postal mail makes sure you will be known by all.

Please check out our marketing page, click the buttons to schedule a phone meeting or use our request for quote form below and we will find a package that works best for you…

Here is what Dr Oz said in Nov 2011:

  1. I am more excited about this show than any other show this season, because today we are changing the practice of medicine.
  2. This is how we’re going to change medicine together.
  3. With PEMF treatment, not only do you feel better, but you ARE better.
  4. PEMF is the future of health care.
  5. Doctors are sometimes the last to learn what the public is finding out really works.
  6. A revolutionary cure for pain that most doctors don’t know about.
  7. The biggest point of the show – TELL YOUR DOCTOR!! Don’t be embarrassed because it worked for you, just because we doctors have never heard of it.
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